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Membership Terms & Conditions



1.1    Only children aged up to 13 years can apply to become fun-arium members.  Their parents or guardians will sign the applications on their behalf.

1.2    Fun-arium will issue a fun-arium card for each member.  This is only a member card, not a credit card.

1.3    The fun-arium card is valid for use for the period shown on the card.

1.4    The membership is non-transferable and no refund will be given for its termination or cancellation.

1.5    The member and his/her accompanied adult(s) will comply with all Rules of Play whilst visiting fun-arium.

2. Administration

2.1    The fun-arium card must be produced to receive the member?s privileges at fun-arium; i.e. free admission into fun-arium or discounts.

2.2    The members shall advise fun-arium management in writing immediately of any loss or theft of their cards and also of any change of address and contact details via fax or e-mail.  There will be an administrative and replacement charge of 250 Baht for a new membership card.

3. Others

3.1    Fun-arium reserves the right to photograph the members and use the photographs for publicity.

3.2   Fun-arium may disclose details relating to fun-arium members to third parties at its discretion. This clause will survive the expiry of fun-arium card.

3.3    Fun-arium reserves the right to revoke, cancel or terminate the membership by notice in writing if the member breaches any of these terms and conditions.  Affected members will not be entitled to any refund.

3.4    These terms and conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice to the existing members at the discretion of fun-arium.


Last updated on : 15/03/2011

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