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Fun-arium allows the children to play in the 2,000-sq.m. facility -- rain or shine!  The play area is split into four sub-zones:



Designed for infants and children up to 4 years old.  This features soft play equipment designed to promote child development.  Babies and toddlers can crawl or walk on a safe, soft surface, and enjoy playing with the mini 2-lane slider and a small ball pool.



For children aged 4-13, this area features a two-storey-tall play structure ideal for climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing, plus a ball-blower machine a trampoline and a large, 4-lane slider that can accommodate adults and children at the same time.  You will be amazed how the children can grow their confidence each time they come to fun-arium!



Designed to promote athletic skills and exercise, this area offers bicycle rink and basketball/football court. At certain times we also allow children to rollerblade in the bicycle rink.


Sand & Water

Favourite among the toddler group as they jump in this puddle pool and play in the large sand pit.


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