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Safety at fun-arium

Our attitude towards safety is one of the reasons why we are so different. Our Rules of Play, equipment, processes and even the building itself are specifically designed to ensure that we meet world's standards for safety and hygiene.


Play equipment

All have been imported from the UK, from the leading supplier who has been in the business for over 35 years.  They have been designed, built and installed at fun-arium under the international standards EN 1176: 2008 (Play Equipment and Surfacing) and BS 8409: 2002 (Soft Indoor Play Areas).  This is the first large play structure built to such highest standards in Thailand.


Health and Hygiene

fun-arium is cleaned throughout the day as well as before and after opening. We use diluted disinfectant liquid to clean surfaces and play equipment twice a day. All the small balls are completely removed to be washed and dried daily. We also install ionizers to clean the dust and bacteria that may be floating in the air in the facility. Before entry to fun-arium, all children and adults will use the hand gel provided in the lobby to clean their hands.


These measures, together with our regular scheduled deep cleaning of the building will help to reduce health risks. We are especially aware of the risk of several respiratory diseases and seek our patrons' cooperation in ensuring that unwell children are kept at home.


Exit and Re-entry Policy

Once admitted into the play facility at fun-arium, the children will be protected by our security system. No one can leave, without going through our check out process which controls who can take the children out -- children cannot leave by themselves. Only in some circumstances adults are allowed to leave fun-arium while children stay and have fun.

Last updated on : 15/03/2011

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