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Helping Hands for Japan 2011
Fun-arium community came together to help raise funds for those affected by the earth quake/tsunami in Japan.  Many children came to sell goods a
Valentine's Day 2011
(Family) love was in the air at fun-arium in February 2011.
Art & Crafts activities 2011
Everyone loves to draw and produce artwork.  We regularly show the childrent how to use recycled objects to produce marvelous art pieces.
Chinese New Year 2011
Although we didn't light up fire crackers to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, the families still enjoyed the time at fun-arium.
Children's Day 2011
The National Children's Day saw a lot of new faces at fun-arium.  Don't forget that it's Children's Day EVERYDAY at fun-arium.
Christmas 2010
The Holiday Season full of joy, fun activities and, of courser, Santa!
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